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How much do websites cost and how long does it take to create a website?

We design and develop custom websites, brochure websites, eCommerce websites and everything in between. For the most part, every web site is different, which makes it impossible to give a flat price for any particular site. No matter what your budget is, we can find a solution for you.

How often should I update my website?

As often as possible! Not only does fresh and unique content keep your visitors engaged, but it’s also great for SEO. Search engines love new content, especially when it’s written with the user in mind. We provide content creation services so that you don’t have to spend your time updating your website. We can do it for you!

How often should I redesign my website?

You should have your website redesigned every 24 months. You only get one chance to make a first impression. If your competition has a more compelling website than you, they are likely getting the website traffic and the business you are after.

What's the best language to program a website?

Most of our websites are done in PHP because it’s widely supported and is very reliable. If you have other needs, we’re comfortable programming in almost language.

How do you make a website search engine friendly?

Search engines (such as Google) send out crawlers to index the text on your site and determine what it’s about and how to rank you in results. These bots cannot harvest elements that are created by Javascript, or ‘see’ images (though they do check alt tags) and they don’t play well with Flash files if at all. While all these things may make the site look better, they do little to nothing in terms of search engine optimization. The following is our general guideline for building websites with SEO in mind:

  • Update Frequency
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords
  • Semantic HTML
  • Structured Navigation
  • HTML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap
  • Most Importantly – Quality Content

How much is a mobile app?

Mobile apps typically cost 2 – 4 times that of a custom website. The complexity for building a mobile app is much more than a website. It’s common for a custom APP to start at about $10,000 and increase from there, depending on the complexity. There are many things to consider before getting started:

  • Is the app that I am creating purely informational for marketing my business? If yes, then you probably wont have the app approved by Apple to show in the App Store. The app should provide some utility at a minimum.
  • Is the app unique, or serving your target users needs?
  • What’s the end goal? To promote your business, to automate services, to create a user base, to sell in a few years, or the typical answer of all of the above? This needs to be defined and shared with your app developer so that the technology selected to develop your app and so that the project timeline coincides with your goals.
  • Do you plan to maintain the app so that it’s compatible with new operating systems, devices, or to add new features that keep your audience engaged while staying ahead of the competition? If yes, then you should also consider an app maintenance retainer.
  • Many people think that they can create an app, and get tons of downloads from the App Store. With abundant competition, the new look of the App Store, and mediocre search results on iOS 6 make a proper marketing plan an absolute must.

Do you provide free estimates?

Depends on project complexity. While we definitely enjoy meeting with new people and discussing potential business opportunities, it takes a fair amount of time to not only understand (and sometimes translate) technical requirements so that we can provide an accurate estimate for enterprise web or mobile solutions. A project of this size requires research, and solution architecture. In many cases we have multiple meetings with the client and their marketing, IT, and legal departments to gather requirements, assess systems, architect a solution, and choose the technology that works best now and so that it is scalable in the future.

How do you make money with Apps?

There are several ways, depending on whether yours is a FREE APP or a PAID APP. Obviously a PAID APP can earn you money with each download. Marketing the APP through App Store Optimization or mobile APP advertising can also drive tons of traffic. If your APP has a substantial number of users, you can even publish ads within your APP. You get paid for each click!

How long does it take to create an app?

That all depends on what your APP needs to do. It could be as little as a month or as long as a year. It all depends on your projects unique requirements.

Do I have to create a separate App for Android, iPhone, and iPad?

Yes, because Apple apps are not compatible with Android and vice-versa. They each use different operating systems, have different size screens and other specifications which means each APP must be programmed differently. However, we can take care of porting your APP from one platform to another, right here in-house. No problem.

What are the most popular Apps to build?

Apple App Store

  • Games
  • Books
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Utilities

Android App Store ( Google Play)

  • Entertainment
  • Personalization
  • Books and Reference
  • Tools
  • Lifestyle
  • Education

I had someone build my website but it is not findable online. Can you help?

Of course we can! We offer Search Engine Optimization on a local, national and global level. And if you’re not sure which plan you need, we can customize one that will fit your needs.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

We have SEO plans starting at $300/month. The truth is, the more time we can spend marketing your website online, the higher your site will show in search results. Let’s talk about your goals first and we can come up with a plan to get your business found online.

Are meta-tags and meta descriptions important?

The major search engines changes their algorithms frequently, and they place different importance on different factors accordingly. As a best practice, yes, meta data is important and should be utilized, although its importance has been decreasing for some time now.

Why doesn't my site show up in search engine results?

First off, having a website that is optimized correctly is the first step. But there could be many factors that can attribute to this:

  • In most cases this is from a lack of regular updates to the website, page titles, and fresh content being distributed.
  • The content in your website isn’t targeting what users are searching for.
  • The website isn’t optimized for the search engines.
  • The websites quality score and page rank is low. The websites that are linking to yours have low quality score and page ranks.
  • Your comptetion in your business vertical is fierce and you need to hire a professional digital marketer.

Is SEO a one-time effort?

No, SEO is a continual effort that takes time to achieve. Search engines may only index your site every 4-6 weeks, and any improvements will depend on a ton of factors including your competition. Also, search engines change their algorithms frequently, so it is important that an Atlanta SEO company like SolutionBuilt is keeping up with these changes and being proactive on your behalf.

What are the most important factors to SEO?

There are many factors that are critical to long term success. A website that is optimized, lots of high quality links, and good content that is created for humans (not search engines) are paramount.

Are blogs important for Search Engine Optimization?

Yes! Blogs are an easy way to keep your website content updated with fresh, unique content. Search engines love blogs.

My website is Flash, can it be optimized for search?

This is a real hot potato that divides SEO experts and Web designers. Search engines cannot index (or at least not easily) the contents inside a Flash file unless you feed them with the text inside a Flash movie. However, onsite optimization is only part of a good SEO strategy. Offsite optimization is critical too, and can be done just the same whether your site is Flash based or not.

How important is mobile search marketing?

It’s super important. 32% of people use mobile search more than computer-based search. That means that you could be missing out on 1/3 of your business potential!

Can my website be optimized for mobile smartphones?

You bet it can. When someone is mobile, they’re expecting an entirely different experience from the one they’ll get on your standard website. We make sure your mobile website is findable in mobile search engines and gives the user what they’re looking for when they get there.

I have a list of my customers cell phone numbers. Can I send them a special or coupon?

Never, ever send messages to people who have not opted-in to receive your text messages. Doing so is illegal – and carries stiff fines. Moreover, SMS Marketing is so powerful because it is permission-based. When you send messages to customers who want to hear from you you’ll get awesome response rates. Sending messages to people who don’t want to hear from you? At best you annoy potential customers and lose their business; at worst you wind up with a lawsuit.

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