Our Process
Five Steps to a 100% Success Rate
Our Process
Five Steps to a 100% Success Rate



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When it comes to building successful apps and websites, SolutionBuilt has an uncompromising focus on usability and quality assurance. The goal is for our customers to always win. And because of our affluent website & app development process, we have a perfect success rate in mobile app development and website development. Let us help you win!

The key to building a successful app or website is proper pre-planning, organization, and complete transparency. Our detailed app development process allows us to always deliver apps and websites with a 100% success rateThis means less rework and lower defect rates, which ultimately equates to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as an increased end-user satisfaction level. We also execute your digital marketing strategy, continuous marketing, and on-going maintenance needs.

Learn about our process for developing mobile apps and websites below:

First, your project will start with our Solution Design Phase. During this phase, our app development team designs your app prototype and requirements, complete with a detailed project plan and a fixed cost guarantee.

What you’ll get:

  • Pricing Guarantee: During this phase, your assets (all materials needed to successfully complete your project) will be seamlessly presented in a finished form. This includes a fixed project plan and cost guarantee.
  • End User Satisfaction: During this phase, we design features for each use-case. This phase allows these features to be approved with your project stakeholders and focus groups, so the measurement of end-user experience meets and exceeds expectations.
  • Project Roadmap: During this phase, time and cost will be determined. Once determined, you decide which features will be included in Version 1.0 of your app or website. Then, we deliver you a seamless project roadmap.


Next, the magic happens and we move into the programming and coding phase. During this development phase, our team builds your app or website based on the pre-approved design and requirements.

During this phase, your app or website will progress through a 3-stage developmental life cycle:

  1. Alpha Phase: This initial stage focuses on the core functionality of your app or website. 
  2. Beta Phase: Next, your app undergoes light testing and additional bug fixing. During this stage, the development is complete and any issues are addressed internally before sending you a build.
  3. Release Phase: After the bugs are resolved, your app or website is ready for release.

Throughout this website and app development process, we integrate quality assurance for each release to ensure all requirements are met. Additionally, QA accounts can account for 20-50% of the project’s entirety depending on project complexity.

Our QA testing is completed before sending each build in our mobility lab on various mobile devices prior to client review and publishing.

The main stages of this phase include:

  • Usability Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • User Feedback
  • Acceptance Testing
  • In-depth Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Security Testing

After the QA process is complete and you approve the build we publish your site from our dev environments to the live environment and/or App Stores. Most web and mobile projects require ongoing maintenance which allows for regular testing, updates and upgrades which helps with user acceptance.

This phase includes:

  • OS Updates
  • Framework Updates
  • Device Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Module Testing
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Device Updates

After your app or website launch, we provide continuous support and marketing services. We are available by phone, email or via our online ticketing system. Our team logs each action completed and the time spent with a consolidated monthly report so you know everything that is going on with your website or app project.

Our marketing team can provide search engine optimization, content marketing and reputation management services to make sure you get a “thumbs up” from your valuable users.