Our Design & Development Process

The 6 Steps of our Success

Learn about our process for developing mobile apps and websites below

When it comes to building successful web and mobile apps, SolutionBuilt has an uncompromising focus on Usability, User Experience Design and Quality Assurance. The goal is to create a mobile app that is designed and developed to work brilliantly for our customers business and their end-users. We take the time to truly understand your needs, the use cases of the app, and we help you design your app in our Solution Design process. Our process has worked for years and has yielded a perfect success rate for startups to large enterprise customers. 

The key to building a successful app is to properly architect, design and budget for the app in the Solution Design phase. The result is well designed app that is technically sound on-time and on budget.

While Solution Design isn’t free of charge, it delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as an increased end-user satisfaction level. It is also very important process as it allows you to get valuable feedback and approvals from your project stakeholders. 


The consultation is a whiteboard session in which we build an App Map based on your requirements. After this session we can give you a fixed fee cost for Solution Design and in some cases a cost range for the development phase.

Solution Design

A time tested and proven process is critical when designing your companies web and mobile technology. Within the Solution Design phase, our team takes the time to understand your needs, recommends improvements, researches and architects app solutions. Solution Design consists of the following:

App Design: We then design each page of your app to insure it meets the users needs for each use-case.
App Prototypes: Most customers elect for a clickable prototype. The prototypes are very helpful for your investors, stakeholders and can also be used in focus groups to test your app idea before we finalize the app design and requirements.
Requirements Documentation: The requirements documentation will include a project brief, details on each module and feature of the app. Your solution Design estimate may include app maps, use-cases, process flows and requirements documents.
App Project Plan:  Once the Solution Design phase is complete we create a project plan with a fixed cost guarantee. In some cases we may recommend multiple frameworks for development and maintenance cost considerations. Once the project plan is approved we will start the development phase.

Solution Design Services: $5,000 – $20,000+


Next, our expert team builds your app or web application based on the deliverables from Solution Design.

Website Services:
Custom Web Application (starts at $25,000)
SEO Friendly Website <8 pages (starts at $5,000)
SEO Friendly Website <15 pages (starts at $12,000)
Custom e-Commerce Website (starts at $15,000)
Systems Integration (Contact Us)

Mobile App Services:
Native Android App (starts at $30,000)
Native iOS App (starts at $30,000)
Hybrid Android App (starts at $15,000)
Hybrid iOS App (starts at $15,000)
Web Services & Cloud Database (Contact Us)
Web Admin Panel (Contact Us)

It’s not uncommon for our clients to need multiple services from SolutionBuilt including apps, website, portals, web admin, database and web services: $100,000 – 250,000+

Quality Assurance

Throughout this web and mobile app development process, we integrate quality assurance for each release to ensure all requirements are met.Our QA testing is completed before sending each build in our mobility lab on various mobile devices and OS versions prior to client review and publishing. During the development phase, your app or website will progress through a 3-stage developmental and quality assurance life cycle:

1. Alpha Phase: This initial stage focuses on the core functionality of your app or website.
2. Beta Phase: Next, your app undergoes light testing and additional bug fixing. During this stage, the development is complete and any issues are addressed internally before sending you a build.
3. Release Phase: After the bugs are resolved, your app or website is ready for publishing.

The main stages of this phase include:
Usability Testing
Operational Testing
User Feedback
Acceptance Testing
In-depth Performance Testing
Regression Testing
Security Testing


After the QA process is complete and the build is approved we publish to the live environment and/or App Stores.


SolutionBuilt offers website and mobile app maintenance to ensure your app stays up-to-date and secure. When an issue is critical in nature, we perform app maintenance updates immediately. Most web and mobile projects require ongoing maintenance which allows for regular testing, updates and upgrades which helps with user acceptance.

This phase includes:
OS Updates
Framework Updates
Device Updates
Security Updates
Module Testing
Ongoing Maintenance
Device Updates