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Search Engine Optimization

Attract, Engage, Convert, & Retain Your Website Visitors.

We provide Search Engine Optimization services to businesses of all sizes, including large companies, enterprises, agencies, startups, and small businesses. Our SEO Services in Atlanta, GA reach website visitors on both web and mobile devices on a worldwide, national, or even geo-targeted areas. We help your website to rank higher on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We target existing visitors, new visitors, and entire markets to allow SEO to provide a higher number of unique, valuable visitors. We evaluate your site’s search performance and your visitors’ search patterns, buying habits, and preferred device to ensure your business isn’t losing opportunities.

Our SEO Process

  • Website Audit – Results from SEO depend on many factors such as target market, website quality, existing traffic, competition and conversion rates. There are many factors that will be considered, but there are 3 that are critical to evaluate the best use of your marketing budget.
    1. The website must be crawlable by search engine spiders and meet design standards. We analyze your current website and prepare recommendations for implementation.
    2. The content needs to appeal to the search engines as well as your audience.
    3. More links from quality websites will help your overall position.
  • Target Audience Research – Demographics, online habits, location
  • Competitive Analysis – We research your website and how your Search Engine Results Placements (SERP’s) compare to your competition.
  • Social Media – We report on mentions of your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We integrate social sharing features to allow your visitors to promote your website links for you.
  • SEO Strategy – We will develop and implement an SEO Strategy that is unique to your website with a focus on increasing Organic Search Engine Placement and unique visitors. The result is a well-orchestrated SEO Plan that drives your online sales channel and meets your marketing budget needs.
  • Monitoring and Analytics – Robust Website Analytics provide us with metrics such as SERP’s, Unique Visitors, Goal Conversions, Bounce Rates, Time-on-Site, Entry and Exit pages so that we can make proactive adjustments for a dynamic SEO Strategy.