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2017 Apple Keynote

iPhone X Event — Highlights From the 2017 Apple Keynote

Rumors have come to a halt as the 2017 Apple Keynote has wrapped, and, as expected, the big event was all about power and speed. We learned about the highly anticipated and futuristic reveal of the iPhone X, along with the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, and more.

From the beginning of time, Steve Jobs’ philosophy for Apple was simple. He believed in the simple and the extraordinary. Quoted from Jobs, “Here’s an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love. I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been. And we’ve always tried to do that at Apple”. 

Fast forward to 2017, Apple continues to endure this stirring philosophy. Steve Jobs’ vision was to believe in the simple, not the complex, and to engage in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of groups to allow innovation to thrive in a way that others cannot. Apple continues to endure this original philosophy and is now home to over 35,000 wicked-smart innovators.

The 2017 Apple event begins at the brand new all-anticipated Apple Park and launches with a remembrance of Steve Jobs. “Steve’s spirit and timeless philosophy on life will always be the DNA of Apple”, states Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. The new 175-acre campus, officially called Apple Park, is complete with minimalistic but sleek designs that Apple is infamously known for. 

Apple Park transformed a sea of asphalt into a seamless natural environment composed of 175-acre green space with over 9,000 trees, powered 100% percent by renewable energy, and complete with a visitor center that is meant to emulate an augmented reality experience. Designed with immense precision and extraordinary attention to detail, Apple Park aims to humanize technology. With Steve’s vision and passion thriving through Apple Park, the park is committed to design, simplicity, and making things usefully beautiful (and beautifully useful).

Okay, now on to the stuff we’ve been waiting for— that new-new.

Apple Watch Series 3:

apple watch series 3

First on the list is the anticipated new Apple Watch Series 3. Apple announced Apple Watch is now the #1 watch in the world, beating out Rolex, and maintains a leading customer satisfaction rate of 97%. Users of the Apple Watch lend gratitude to the device, claiming their watch has allowed them to become a better version of themselves by utilizing the hefty amount of fitness features it has to offer. 

So, what’s new? The Apple Watch Series 3 has LTE wireless connectivity. With cellular data built into Apple Watch, you now have the freedom to go for a run with JUST your Apple Watch, meaning you can make phone calls without your iPhone in sight. This is what we’ve been waiting for! With this new feature, Apple claims the battery life should last about 18 hours with mixed usage. This sounds like a great option for phone calls during the day, but may not be long enough to leave your phone at home for the entire day.

There are also new features that aim to help improve fitness and benefit overall health, including more heart rate apps, new features for swimmers, and added features for overall improved fitness. 

The Apple Watch is also successful at detecting irregular heartbeat, with an added feature that detects elevated heart rate when you do not appear active. Heart arrhythmia atrial fibrillation is the leading cause of strokes, but the challenge is that symptoms are not always obvious. Apple believes the Apple Watch Series 3 can help this challenge by detecting irregular heart beats. Apple has announced their Apple Heart Study, in partnership with Stanford Medicine and the FDA. This study analyzes data from the Apple Watch, and the first phase of the Apple Heart Study will be available later this year in the App Store. 

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: