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How Healthcare Mobile App Trends are Changing in 2019

The Future of Healthcare: How Healthcare Mobile App Trends are Changing in 2019

Technology has dramatically improved the healthcare industry.

Within the past decade, modern technologies— like healthcare mobile apps and real time platforms— have continued to solve challenges in the healthcare industry. For example, some mHealth technologies have created effective solutions for patient-to-doctor communication, data management, electronic medical records (EMR), patient monitoring, and medication adherence and scheduling.

The connection between patients and their medical providers has never been quicker. In addition, real time health platforms have made medical care much more efficient. Healthcare mobile apps deliver a personal connection and ease of data/information flow, which is changing the way we seek healthcare and medical attention.

What are the 2019 trends for healthcare mobile apps?

In 2019, expect some serious trends from the mobile healthcare industry. Healthcare mobile apps are on the rise. Patient care is becoming more digital and seamless, making healthcare mobile apps more important than ever before. Planning for your patients’ and organizations’ needs is crucial in the development of successful medical mobile applications.

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Check out these interesting mHealth stats:

  • 71% of patients claimed they feel more comfortable in choosing a medical professional that had implemented and use a healthcare mobile app.
  • 65% of patients declared that a secure practice that maintains a stronghold on their data was more important to them over convenience in accessing diagnosis and test results.
  • 70% of patients are highly comfortable having a conversation with their medical provider over email, text, or video chat.
  • 71% of medical providers and physicians have implemented a completely Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  • Over 80% of consumers proclaimed that wearable technology is making a huge difference in bringing convenience to healthcare.
  • Connected Devices (IoT Technology) has the viable potential to reduce a hospital’s health system repair time by 50%.

Below are the most relevant trends in mobile healthcare that will shape the industry and make the patient/doctor relationship one of ease, trust, and accessibility— one like we have never experienced before.

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