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5 Ways to Optimize Your Business for Holiday Success

At some point in time, 96% of Americans have made a purchase online, and 80% of them did so as recently as last month (October 2018).

During the 2017 holiday season, consumers spent over 100 billion dollars on online shopping.


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That’s over 120 billion dollars!

Last year, more than half of all online shopping traffic started on mobile devices, and a third of all revenue came from mobile online shopping.

The world is mobile and your online business needs to be ready for this change. Google is now indexing the mobile version of your site FIRST. It doesn’t matter if you sell only online products or strictly just sell services— you need to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly and responsive in order to have success this holiday season.

Whether you have an eCommerce store, run a service-oriented business, or have a website that drives consumers to a brick and mortar space, use the following tips and tools to optimize your website for holiday success!

Here’s 5 ways to grow your online business this holiday:

#1- Check Under the Hood first

Website Health Score Icon | SolutionBuiltThe first and most crucial aspect to online success is health and mobile compatibility score. It’s important to note that today, more than 60% of consumers are using mobile devices for internet searches. And that number is only continuing to rise. Your website needs to be mobile-ready to compete in the online arena.