Available in the Apple app store today, Friday November 4, 2011, the Big Change iPhone app is a way for people who are striving to reach self-improvement goals or give up a vice like smoking or coffee, to track their progress and watch their bank accounts grow with each deferral. A user looking to make a big change in his life can in turn, watch some big change accumulate in his bank account; hence the clever name.

A new user said “I see how this app can be used by everyone, sales people, people that want to save up their money, and people wanting life change. If you use it for only completing one goal you can embetter your financial health and well being. It can pay for Itself.”

Users will setup their account and associate up to 8 preset goals and 1 custom goal and allocate a corresponding dollar amount to each one. Then the user is prompted to create a short description. Big Change tracks your progress and lets you see your virtual bank account grow each time you defer a trip to the coffee shop or complete a one hour workout.

Big Change integrates with Facebook and Twitter allowing you to share goals on your wall and with your friends, adding another level of fun and motivational support to this app. It utilizes native Apple iOS framework providing the user with intuitive functionality and controls. It includes a Central Administration Panel (CAP) through which new users are prompted to setup their profile information which is then communicated back to the server.

Download the Big Change app today, and get started breaking habits, reaching goals and saving money.