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Six Mobile App Development Misconceptions To Consider

When it comes to mobile app development, many have this misconception on what it takes to bring an app from an idea to fully developed. It’s a common knowledge that the mobile app market is evolving and expanding at an unbelievable speed. The number of users of mobile phones and mobile apps is rapidly growing all over the world. Mobile app developers focus on developing better apps that can stand out from the crowd. As mobile apps take off in the business world, companies face a problem: Misconceptions still surround mobile app development. Many businesses venture into mobile app development with false beliefs that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here SolutionBuilt discusses six common misconceptions to consider before you start your next project.

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Mobile App Misconceptions

  • Cost & Time – One huge misconception is the difficulty/cost of developing an app is directly related to the number of screens an app has. There is definitely a relationship between number of screens and the amount of time it takes to design an app. But the overall cost of developing an app has more to do with the integrations between an app’s front end and the information an app displays.
  • One Platform Is Best – Mobile apps can be developed in a few different platforms: Native, hybrid, and mobile web (often called “HTML5”). Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The problems arise when you choose one type without considering your needs and your audience. For instance, many assume that a native mobile app delivers the best mobile experience. In some cases, that’s true. In other cases, the native approach may be the worst choice. Rather than just go the native app route, consider your audience. When and why do they use the app? What are they trying to accomplish? Only then will you know which development method to choose.
  • The App Will Sell Itself – Building a mobile app will not instantly bring in users and/or revenue. Without a proper marketing strategy, business users won’t utilize your app. Customers won’t talk about it. Consumers won’t rush to download it. Creating a mobile app is just one small piece of the puzzle. Without proper promotion and marketing, users won’t know about it and will ignore it.
  • More Features Is Beneficial – There is no need to add extra features that aren’t necessary at all. Your purpose shouldn’t be making your app stuffed with unimportant features. Instead, focus on making your app easy to use and operate.
  • No Maintenance Is Needed – Even if you have finished the development of the app, it’s not the end. You still have a lot of work to do after the release of the application. This includes bug fixes, responding to user concerns and putting them into implementation. In fact, updating your app is necessary. Don’t fail to update your app regularly. By the way, if consumers don’t update the app, they aren’t likely to return to your app again.
  • Expanding On A Existing App – The problem with comparing any new app idea with one that’s already established is that you’re already behind. A lot of business’ think they can take an app like Uber or Facebook and mimic their application and make it better. The misconception with this is that those companies already have a massive user base to expand on. They also already have the resources to improve. Trying to hijack someones already existing app is never a good idea. Instead, try to find your own niche opportunity and create a new application on that perfectly.
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