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Website Maintenance & Why It’s So Important

Your website is the foundation of your business’ online presence. People generally search your website to learn more about your company, find contact information and purchase your product or service. If your website isn’t properly working or is out of date, you may lose out on significant opportunities, such as new leads and sales. Regular website maintenance helps prevent these issues. Here SolutionBuilt will explore what website maintenance is, what it includes, and why it’s so important for your business.

1)  New Content – Content is king. With that being said it’s not the only factor for the success of your website. It’s very important to keep your website content flowing and up to date. Google constantly reads this information and plugs it for users to find. The more constant flowing content the better.

2)  Website Browser Compatibility – There are some commonly used browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari as well as many others. Because of this you need to ensure that all the aspects of your website designs are working in perfect order in all the browsers. This helps in guaranteeing that users don’t miss out on your product or service due to their browsers capability.

3)  Broken Links –  Website maintenance should include checking for broken links regularly. Broken links can earn a bad reputation for the business. Links which are broken or taking the visitors to some other undesirable place may aggravate the users or force them to bounce off your website.

4)  Site Speed – Patience is a virtue and most people have none. If your site is taking unnecessary time to load then you have a major problem and you need to do something about it. Use different tools for testing the loading speed of web pages like Google Page Speed, Internet Explorer’s Page, test etc. Minimize the number of graphics on each page. Do not use more than two animated links per page. This tips may resolve your loading issue.

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5)  User Interactions – Give users a place to express their opinions or interact with you in the form of comments, feedbacks, trackbacks, suggestions etc. Users often help by giving improvements, errors, bugs about your website designs that you can fix. Always seek comments or feedback from people on social networking sites, design forums, etc. Ask for reviews. The positive and negative responses can help in maintaining your website.

6)  Optimize Your Website – Use SEO practices, like adding meta descriptions, title tags, optimizing keyword phrases, etc. This will help your website to gain high search engine rankings.

7)  Website Analytics – It is very important to monitor your website analytics periodically throughout the week. This can give you updated information about the statistics of the site visitors and the goal conversions. Be careful and analyze your website design. Try using the free tool by Google – Google Analytics for website analytics.

Need Website Maintenance?

We realize that not every business owner or employee knows how to update their website. You might not even know where to start with web maintenance because you’re busy running your business. We get that, and we are here to help! Our team can perform website software patches and upgrades for software like WordPress and Joomla. We’ll even clean up and maintain websites that we did not even create. Your website needs to be properly monitored on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure it’s health, speed, and search visibility are kept optimized.

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