Let us create a blog with content that search engines love to crawl and consumers love to read

Blogs provide content that connect potential or current customers with your company. Blogging is an excellent way to provide fresh content for search engines, while providing useful and relevant information to consumers.

Search engines are constantly crawling your website looking for updates and fresh content on your site. New content will not only help increase your search placement, but will also give you an opportunity to create copy for a specific keyword that consumers are searching for. Blogs give you an opportunity to create a landing page for specific keywords, while simultaneously providing your consumers with helpful or informational content.

Depending on the company, we like to focus our writing on specific industry pain points. Content is a way to provide consumers with useful information that will actually benefit them. Our copy consists of tips, tricks, checklists, resources, videos, infographics, how-to’s and other useful information relevant to the company.

Why is Blogging Important?

Content Strategy: There are only so many updates we can make to a website each month. Blogging is the perfect way to come up with keyword rich content that is fun, engaging, and informational. Utilizing a blog is a way that you can take information that is thought to be dull and make it interesting for someone to read.

Building Authority: Domain authority is important because it will help new pages of content (including blog posts) get indexed faster, which means your site will have a better chance of ranking higher in search results.

Specific Targeting: Blogging allows you to create content that is specific to target groups of either people or products that are being searched. For example, a medical device company may be posting blogs targeting investors and doctors, when really they should be targeting potential patients. You can easily create posts targeting potential patients with a “feel-good” story, or write something that puts medical information in layman’s terms. This will essentially drive more traffic to your site, simply because you are publishing blogs that are correctly targeting your demographic.

Our Services

Our experts at SolutionBuilt are fluent at writing engaging content to enhance your brand.

  • Developing a blogging/content strategy
  • Utilizing underused targeted keywords that need improvement
  • Writing, editing and publishing high quality posts
  • Managing comments and your reputation
  • Optimized content for your specific industry
  • Posting for your business on social media sites for further engagement