Email Marketing

A cost-effective way to reach your customers and build loyalty

Looking for an affordable way to reach your audience on a regular basis? Email marketing is an effective solution that can enhance your relationship with existing customers, as well as attract new customers and subscribers. We’ll create dynamic, customized messages to get the results you want. We have numerous e-mail marketing solutions that can help you generate immediate business. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter or a coupon special, we create e-mail marketing that gets a response and delivers ROI. Email marketing is an affordable, effective way for small businesses to communicate and engage with customers.

Design and Branding

We design and customize unique email templates for your campaigns so the email messages has a visual connection to your business.

Email Marketing and CAN-SPAM Regulatory Compliance

It’s challenging and darn near impossible for small business owners to keep track of email marketing regulations and how to incorporate compliance into email newsletters.

We ALWAYS follow industry standards to ensure that email messages comply with the CAN-SPAM act. CAN-SPAM is an attempt to control the assault of non-solicited marketing and it is a U.S. law that regulates commercial email.

Analytics and Reporting

We give you actionable marketing data details on each Internet Marketing campaign we send. This type of reporting is necessary to help you grow and enhance your email marketing strategy.

We track things like how many emails bounced, how many were delivered, the open rates, click through rates and geographic data.

The more data about your campaign you obtain, the easier it will be to create and send targeted and effective campaigns in the future.