Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Mobile App Maintenance

Between operating system updates, security breaches and technology constantly changing, it’s imperative that your mobile app stays current with our mobile app maintenance plans.

SolutionBuilt offers mobile app maintenance & support to ensure your app stays up-to-date and secure. When an issue is critical in nature, we perform app maintenance updates immediately.

When your mobile app is finished and ready to go live, we will work with you to make sure the initial public app launch goes off without a hitch. If it’s time to hand off the product to your team, we will offer training and consulting services to assist with this transition. We will provide your team with the necessary tools and skills to help ensure continued success.

Like any software build, mobile apps need constant monitoring and explicit attention to detail to properly function and operate in the ever-changing technology shifts and updates. Operating systems are expanding and creating new features and system rules constantly and your mobile app has to be maintained to ensure its effectiveness and prosperity in the mobile application forum.

Acceptance into the app store is only the first step in your mobile app success plan. Once your Android or iPhone or app is available to the public we will offer long-term app maintenance to sustain your product growth. We continually adjust and enhance your app in response to collected user data, to make sure that your app properly adapts to the fast-paced mobile marketplace while improving app usability. We want to provide you with support to maintain app growth.

Monthly Mobile App Maintenance Services

App maintenance is a crucial component to any mobile application and our team of app maintenance experts can safeguard your apps’ source code, functionality, and usability.


Deprecated Code


App With New OS Versions


& Update App Security


Minor Updates & Feature As Needed

Our Atlanta mobile app maintenance team works completely in-house, and we have the technological, creative, and project management skills needed to handle your app maintenance project. We specialize in developing mobile apps that include multiple user roles, complex databases, and web administration panels with real-time web services and push notifications to keep your iOS, Android, and web applications in sync. This allows your target user to use their device of choice while still syncing each user’s account with the latest information.