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Android Application Development

Our talented app developers can help determine which Android framework best suits your app.

Atlanta is quickly soaring to grab the spot as the number one business hub for both start-ups and established companies, lending its attractive entrepreneurial disposition to its diverse talent pool and award-winning technology firms. Exhibiting dedication and technology competence, SolutionBuilt is a mobile app development firm that grew its roots and continues to thrive in Atlanta. We collaborate and work with Atlanta locals as well as global clients, while always exceeding the goal of innovating and pushing boundaries in technology and creating solutions. In other words, we build really cool apps that make your business thrive.

Highly talented and well-versed in developing Android frameworks, our skilled in-house app developers and designers blend technology expertise with the most current tools to create intelligible solutions for start-up businesses and established companies.

Our Android mobile app development team builds and creates Android apps for Google Play. We specialize in the Android frameworks, native and hybrid. During our solution design phase, our skilled app developers will determine which language, either native or hybrid, to use for your new Android app based on your needs, timeline, and budget.

So, what’s the difference between native and hybrid apps? Before we delve into comparing the two Android app frameworks, let’s go over the basic differences between native and hybrid apps.

Native Development
Hybrid Development

Simply put, native apps are similar to the apps that come on your Android device, such as the camera, GPS, or music app. Hence the name, native apps mimic the technical and user experience guidelines of the existing operating system. On the other hand, hybrid apps are basically websites built within a native app container. As the user navigates through a hybrid app, the pages load most of the page information, versus with a native app, the content is downloaded when the user first installs the app. Users tend to learn how to use native apps quicker, due to their similarity to the apps that already exist on your Android.

Got an Android app idea? If you envision it, we can build it. Come work with one of Atlanta’s best app developers at SolutionBuilt.

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See Some Of Our Android Apps
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