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Apple vs. Android Apps

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Throughout the 21st century, there’s been a long-winded debate for two very essential questions: “the chicken or the egg?” and “Apple vs Android apps?”. Although our mobile app team can provide a solid answer to both, we’re going to delve into the differences between Apple iOS and Android apps, presenting clear advantages and disadvantages for both devices.

In the tech world, the classic game of tug of war involves the two key players, Apple and Android. These tech doublets dominate the market, but choosing one over the other depends on a few different factors. The subjective answer of “should I build my app on iOS or Android?” is dependant upon your idea, needs, preferences, time, and budget. Our professional app developers and the criterion below will help you make the decision between Apple or Android.

What’s the difference between Apple vs Android apps?

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With an incredible app idea in mind, it may seem appealing to market to every device to get your name out there. However, it’s actually a better idea to pick one platform based on your app’s characteristics and your needs. For example, the popular social photo sharing app, Instagram, was first created in 2010 on iOS and acquired 30 million users during that time, but the app did not have an Android platform until 2012.

What is your market? Apple dominates North America, but Android dominates the rest of the world.

Do you want your app to make money? Apple users are more likely to spend money and make in-app purchases. The Apple store generates 45% more revenue than the Google Play store. iPhone users are more likely to spend money on their phone, with 15% of users being more likely to visit online retail sites on iOS devices versus Android.

What is your budget? The cost may be relatively similar for Android and iOS devices, but Android apps sometimes may cost more to build because there are more Android devices and versions than Apple.

Keep in mind, Apple users tend to be more loyal the Android users, meaning, Apple users prefer to stick with their current operating system and see no reason to switch over. Apple users also report a higher level of satisfaction with their mobile device.

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