Enterprise Mobile Apps

Improve customer engagement, while boosting internal efficiency with enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps are applications that can be published directly to company and employee owned devices without being publicly available in the App Stores.

SolutionBuilt is the leader in Enterprise Mobile App Development in Atlanta Ga. We have probably designed and developed more enterprise apps than any other developer. Our first enterprise application was designed and developed as a multi-lingual application for iPad, and iPhone and Android handheld delivered in 13 countries in 2010.

Enterprise mobile apps are typically private applications that are distributed within an organization to the employee owned or company owned devices. These apps are protected typically with a username and password or the companies Single Sign On (SSO) systems. This can keep your app within your organization, without the need for worrying that someone will download and hack your app, or at least that is the first layer of security.

We have integrated with SharePoint, SQL and MySQL databases and custom web services.  Enterprise mobile apps can integrate with your network and internal databases to allow realtime data syncing and updates to key company systems.

Below are some of the Enterprise Mobile Apps that we have designed and developed:

More and more companies are realizing that their employees want to be mobile. There are a lot of advantages to mobilizing the workplace with an Enterprise App. However, how do you keep your data from the public or even worse your competitors? Distribution methods can be through the Apple Store, your own private App Store or a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions like Air-Watch or MobileIron. These sort of companies specialize in securing data and devices for the company provided or employee provided Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) app provisioning needs. With BYOD is becoming more and more popular with employers. Users simply install the security layer, and employers can wipe or disable apps if it is left behind at the airport, lost or stolen.