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Apple iOS Application Development

We design and develop apps that are compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple Watch.
iPhone Apps
iPad Apps
Apple Watch

The most popular iOS apps with our customers is iPhone and Apple Watch apps. iPad’s apps are also very popular for sales and marketing apps as they have a larger screen area to share when meeting with customers.

We truly enjoy designing for Apple mobile apps due to the elegance, simplicity. Our app development team can build your app on any language available. During our Solution Design phase we can take all of your requirements and can present multiple framework options, time and cost for your consideration. This methodology allows us to select and present the best framework for your current and future needs to support new app modules in the future. Some of the frameworks we specialize in include:

  • Native = Objective C and Swift
  • Hybrid = HTML5 / Javascript
See Some Of Our iOS Apps
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See Some Of Our iOS Apps
View Portfolio
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Purchases
  • iAd integration
  • Maps Integration
  • Mail Integration
  • Webservices Integration
  • Content Management System (CMS) Integrations
  • User Profiles
  • Media and Document Libraries
  • Project Management / Ticketing

All of our apps have the capability for App Administrators to update the content. There are a few integration points that can be considered when developing your mobile app.

  • Module Content Management Systems
  • Administration Panels
  • Web Services and API Customization
  • Content and Data Syncing

Because Apple requires review and approval before publishing your app, our iOS app developers help in the solution design phase to design iOS applications that meet Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines. There is no guarantee that your app will get approved, so it’s important to have experience in the review and publishing process. When developing for an iPad or iPhone it is important that you choose a seasoned iOS development partner to help you research and architect a solution that meets Apple’s App Review Guidelines. Here are some things to consider when hiring your mobile app developer:

  • The Apple Development Guidelines are more stringent than Android.
  • When you create an iOS app, you’re subject to Apple review. There are no guarantees that your app will be approved.
  • Project experience. Does the developer take the time to architect an end-to-end solution to account for all development costs and timeline?

We start all of our projects with our Solution Design process to allow us to design you app and create a project plan with time and cost.