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Apple Watch Application Development

The Apple Watch is popular with everyday consumers with its clean design and now water resistence allowing users to dive up to 500 meters. The fashion forward wearable is on the wrist of many Apple fans including doctors, lawyers, business people, and technology enthusiast.

Watch owners are a sophisticated user base that has discretionary income to spend on the latest fashion. You can buy the rose gold version or the basic band to remain low-key.

The Apple Watch apps can be used to extend your mobile app to the users wrist. It also allows for better a James Bond like integration to show Apple Push Notifications without pulling out your phone, or even talk to Siri on your wristwatch like James Bond. With Apple Pay being more accepted than ever before users can also integrate with Apple Pay making sending and receiving payments even easier than ever before.

Apple Watch apps also stand out in the App Store with the “Offers Apple Watch App” callout that shows on any your compatible iOS app.