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iPhone Application Development

So you’re looking for a iPhone developer? Look no further!

SolutionBuilt has always had a love for the Apple iPhone and it’s simplicity, ease of use, and sleek design. We even have a mobile testing lab with the 1st gen iPhone to the iPhone 6S Plus.

SolutionBuilt can you help you take your iPhone app from idea to market. We take the time to explore your needs and propose solutions for your iPhone app development. We are the ideal Mobile App Development company for all of your iPhone App Development needs. Below is our process.

For mobile app development, the iPhone is the ideal choice for a few reasons:

  • One thing that is great about the iOS iPhone is that there is one manufacturer compared to the hundreds of manufactures for the Android OS. This makes development and maintenance much easier because you have less target devices to support.
  • While the Android user base is larger at 52% market share, iPhone users are a more sophisticated user that spends more for their device and on mobile ecommerce.


  • iPhone Solution Design
  • iPhone App Development
  • iPhone Quality Assurance
  • iPhone App Maintenance
  • Online Marketing


  • Allow customers to interact with your brand with their Apple device.
  • Differentiate your business from competitors.
  • Support digital marketing initiatives.
  • Allow users to receive and access standardized information.
  • Promote your business and make money selling your iPhone app.
  • Capture valuable customer data.
  • Monetize your application with ads, in app purchases, and product sales.