Android App Development

Android App Developer

At SolutionBuilt, our Android app developers have mobile labs in Atlanta where they design and develop Android mobile apps for businesses, startups and the medical industries.

We have a team of Android developers and designers to work with you on creating the best Android app for your business. Our team starts with our Solution Design process which includes a face-to-face meeting with you to help with knowledge transfer and to document the Android app requirements. Each Android app is designed and developed professionally in the US with a focus on design, quality, and security to help ensure user acceptance.

Our QA lab has the latest Android phones, tablets, and wearable devices that your target user uses so that we can regularly test and maintain your apps for each device. We can help you maintain, enhance, and publish your android app to Google Play under our Maintenance Services. As new devices and OS versions are released to Beta we install and test to look for minor and major maintenance issues.

Types of Android Apps

SolutionBuilt designs and develops beautiful apps for both Android smartphones & tablets

Mobile Apps

Android is predicted to be the upcoming technology in the mobile app world. Android Handheld App Development is making its place as a true competitor in mobile applications with more devices than any other Operating System (OS) on the market. The Android OS is easy to use, open-source, and has a great market share making it ideal for you to start your first application with.

Tablet Apps

SolutionBuilt is Atlanta’s top software development company specializing in Android App Development. We are experienced in developing top-rated Android tablet applications. Our in-house app developers blend technology expertise with the most up-to-date tools to produce intelligible solutions, from start-up businesses to established companies. 

Built For Android

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Popular Native App Features

  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Purchases
  • Google Ad Solutions
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Mail Integration

Popular Custom APP Development

  • Webservices Integration
  • Content Management System (CMS) Integrations
  • User Profiles
  • Media and Document Libraries
  • Project Management / Ticketing

Mobile App Administration

All of our apps have the capability for App Administrators to update the content. There are a few integration points that can be considered when developing your mobile app.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Administration Panels
  • Web Services and API Customization
  • Content and Data Syncing

Android App Publishing Process

Google Play’s review process isn’t as stringent as Apple but you will want to make sure that your Android app complies with Google Plays Policies. There is no guarantee that your app will get approved, so it’s important to have experience in the review and publishing process. When developing for an iPad or iPhone it is important that you choose a seasoned Android development partner to help you research and architect a solution that meets Google’s standards. Here are some things to consider when hiring your mobile app developer:

  • The Google Play standards are less restrictive than Apple Development Guidelines.
  • When you create an Android app, you’re subject to Google’s review. There are no guarantees that your app will be approved.
  • Project experience. Does the developer take the time to architect an end-to-end solution to account for all development costs and timeline?

We start all of our projects with our Solution Design process to allow us to design your app and create a project plan with time and cost.

Let’s Get Started With Your Android App!

We have an expert team of app designers & developers to help make your app dream come to life.