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A Few Businesses on Atlanta St. in Marietta, GA Want to Give Back

A Few Businesses on Atlanta St. in Marietta, GA Want to Give Back

SolutionBuilt, a Digital Marketing Agency announces today that it is launching a statewide social media car giveaway.

What started as a joke to give away a car became a reality when SolutionBuilt talked JDS Auto Clearance Outlet into donating a FREE car for an internet marketing promotion.

SolutionBuilt’s CEO, Matt Rogers said, “At first we wanted to make this a fun giveaway; more of a joke. But, when we saw the car that JDS Auto Clearance donated we thought, well – it actually looks pretty good, and it runs well! So rather than adding a flame job, and Yosemite Sam mud flaps, let’s give it away to someone in NEED to get their life back on the road.”

SolutionBuilt recruited other businesses on Atlanta St. in Marietta, GA to include local auto broker, JD’s Auto Clearance, who donated the Ford Explorer and Georgia Select Insurance who provided two months of insurance or a maximum of $200 in premium to the winner of the vehicle.

The viral sweepstakes will allow one lucky Facebook fan an opportunity to enter to win a used 1992 Ford Explorer, $200 worth of free insurance and a $100 gas card. Basically, almost everything a driver needs. The goal is that winning the car will help enhance the winner’s overall life through employment, regular school attendance or independence.

SolutionBuilt decided to run an online essay contest through a Facebook application they developed for the month of April 2012, that will enable participants to enter to win the Ford Explorer for themselves or whoever they think deserves it.

“This is a way for local businesses to give back to the community. To give someone in need a chance to get back on the road. “We are thrilled to be working with the local business community for this very worthwhile promotion,” says Rogers.

Asking friends to vote for your entries is allowed. The Facebook app enables users to automatically share the contest with their friends and relatives. However, votes will not determine the winner but could help sway the final decision, which will come from a panel of judges at SolutionBuilt. Just the same, everyone is invited to place their votes to show their support to the nominees.

She may not be a looker, but she’s alive and she could be yours!

  • SolutionBuilt – Campaign originator, design, development, and $100 Gas Card
  • JDS Auto Clearance Outlet – 1992 Ford Explorer
  • Georgia Select Inc – $200 Insurance credit