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SolutionBuilt Launches MyTelemed App

Mobile App and HIPPA Compliant Medical Messaging Coverge

Finally you can be rest assured that you will be notified of patient requests and be able to manage all your important medical messages in one easy to use APP!

The MyTeleMed APP delivers critical patient and call back information. The MyTeleMed service operators will contact you by email, text and by phone until you are located.

The MyTeleMed website and call center can help you build escalation procedures based on your shift schedule and availability. Our service then ensures that an escalation can occur if a call back is not made within pre-set time limits.

Callbacks are documented with the time and duration of the call, and even provide an option to record the call.

Some of our features include:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Complete Documentation From Message Origination To Call Back
  • Private Response To Inter Office Messages
  • MyTeleMed Operators Will Locate You
  • Push Notifications, With Badge Count
  • Auto-Sync Of Messages With The MyTeleMed Server
  • Access Customer Service 24/7 Through The App

Currently, the Department of Health and Human Services has not released an official statement on what constitutes a digital message that is HIPAA compliant. However, several state level regulators and many HIPAA audit consultants are stating that due to the lack of encrypted storage by cellular companies and the fact that the message remains local on the doctors mobile device that text messaging and email is not HIPAA compliant.

The MyTeleMed app solves both issues keeping your Hospital or Practice in compliance with HIPPA by protecting any Personal Health Information (PHI). If a doctor’s mobile device is ever lost or stolen, any (PHI) within messages would not be compromised.