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SolutionBuilt launches new website for Ecovie Environmental, a rainwater collection company to help with a sustainable and green environment

Are you prepared for the drought? Want to conserve water for a greener Atlanta?

Ecovie Environmental selects to design and market their new website. Ecovie Environmental was founded by Bob Drew to offer highly efficient rainwater collection systems for irrigation, low impact landscaping, and storm water management. You can even use the rainwater for indoor uses. Below are percentages that show the overall usage, and how you can receive a very quick ROI:

  • Outdoor (25-60% of Total)
    • Watering and Irrigation
    • Car Washing, Pool Filling, Patio Washing
  • Indoor Non-Drinkable (20-40% of Total)
    • Toilet Flushing
    • Laundry
  • Indoor Drinkable (20-40% of Total)
    • Tap Water, Cooking, Shower & Bath

“Matt and the team did a great job keeping the project on schedule and prompting me when things were needed. The end product was a start up website that has received a lot of positive comments from prospective clients. Be sure to checkout some of the videos at,” explained Drew.

“We had a lot of fun working with Bob, and we learned more about rainwater collection than the average Joe in the process. Bob has a passion for his business with his desires to make an impact in Atlanta and beyond. He is the perfect client,” said Rogers, CEO of