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SolutionBuilt Launches Website for Cobb County Schools

SolutionBuilt Launches a New Website for the Cobb County School District to Connect Parents, Students, and Faculty

A new online portal for the parents, students, and teachers of Cobb County was launched on 7/11/08. This online portal, known as Picasso, can be found at In a combined effort, SolutionBuilt and The Terranova Group, both local Marietta companies, teamed with the Cobb County School District to restructure the content, develope new features, and implement a new interface to increase the usability of the Picasso portal in order to enhance the learning of Cobb County’s youth.

Picasso provides staff with valuable resources for planning and delivering effective performance-based instruction. Parents and students may review learning standards and objectives and link to parent resources for helping at home. General information for curriculum and instruction are posted and shared through this online portal.

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