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SolutionBuilt Offers You Stability During Uncertain Times

With the growing impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, SolutionBuilt realizes it’s important now more than ever that our company is still accessible and that we plan for today and the future for the small and large companies that are our customers.

Many businesses are faced with some really tough decisions on how to provide their products and services and what resources may be needed at this time. As of this week, SolutionBuilt is following the limiting our staff and loved ones from COVID19 by working remotely.

Last week was very busy as we created public response messaging for our customer’s websites and social channels to inform employees, public, and customers on how their product or service delivery policies have changed amidst the COVID19 outbreak.

Our goal is to help our customers through this uncertain time and to plan for the months ahead on their digital marketing and online technology plans. SolutionBuilt is the marketing and technical departments for many of our customers and are trusted to act as an extension of their company. We are dedicatedly working with our clients, trying to stay positive and not to panic during these uncertain times.

With over 16 years in business, SolutionBuilt’s President Matt Rogers says,

“We are helping our customers to keep their business running as fluidly as possible. We have never seen anything like the COVID19 change the market so fast. Our last market change of this magnitude was 2008, and we were only 4 years in business at that time. We were very blessed to have our customer’s support and to make it through that trying time. We are staying positive that we will also make it through COVID19 with the support of our customers and the community. While many companies’ first inclination may be to lay off employees and budgets, for those that are looking at the long haul it’s a good time to reset, and revisit your business plan and to optimize your marketing plan and budget.”

Your online presence is fueled by constant and vigilant monitoring from your digital marketing team at SolutionBuilt, and letting that process suffer, even for a week’s time, can result in a search visibility drop that can be hard to regain. Here are just a few article links that show why it is important to keep focusing on your business:

Companies need to be present and ready for their users and their needs. We will help optimize the right channels and message to propel your services in this crisis and keep you ahead of the pack once the country returns to normalcy.

For the time being, our team is working remotely from their individual home offices.  To ensure we continue providing the level of service that you are used to as our valued client, we are taking the following approaches to daily operations:

  • Planning out each creative, marketing and development resource for Q2 and Q3.
  • Setting up all business phone numbers to forward to our employees.
  • Utilizing online chat and video conferencing solutions to communicate in real-time to complete projects, schedule virtual communication, and plan each day.
  • Utilizing our project management and time tracking system to complete and track time for open items.
  • Reaching out to communicate with you, our valued client.

We understand that the current situation has created a lot of uncertainty in our society and resulted in a lot of questions and worries.  The last thing you should have to worry about is your business. SolutionBuilt will remain diligent for our customers and provide regular updates as normal. Reach out to us directly with any concerns. We are here to help. We hope you and yours are safe and well.

Thank you for your support and for trusting SolutionBuilt with your business.