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SolutionBuilt works with creative staffing agency Hire Profile, to create a QR Code to help market their business

SolutionBuilt creates QR Code for Hire Profile for business card that takes people straight to their website with a quick scan from a mobile device

“We got wind of QR tags from our friends at SolutionBuilt. They know crazy technological stuff like QR tags and how they are taking off as a great new way to store URLs. Matt and his team created a QR tag for our business card that goes to the web site with a quick scan from your smartphone,” says Nancy Bailey, president and rainmaker of Hire Profile.

Created by a Japanese company called Denso Wave, QR codes have been an integral part of marketing there since 1994. Ahead of the curve in the United States, Matt Rogers, CEO of SolutionBuilt, has been using QR Codes for years. “We’ve had a QR Code on our marketing material since before anyone had any idea what they were. I’ve even had people ask if it’s some sort of cult-ish piece of artwork!” Similarly, Brad Hagen, Marketing Manager at SolutionBuilt, noticed the importance of the trend. “Everywhere I looked while at the South by Southwest conference last year, I noticed QR codes. The square ‘quick response’ codes turn URLs, vCards, and any kind of text into a jumble of pixels that you can scan onto your smartphone instantaneously, no typing required. Organizers of the Austin gathering for film, music, and Web geeks even included a QR code on every registrant’s badge to cut down on paper waste and manual data entry.”

It is clear that QR Codes will become a new way for owners of mobile devices to get information on the fly. And the implications could be huge as they continue to gain momentum here in the US. Matt continues, “Imagine the implications on Social Networking. Facebook has been experimenting with them recently. Imagine a QR code that instantly makes the person scanning it a fan of a brand, company, or personality on Facebook without ever typing a URL. It could be huge.”