Website and Mobile App Support

We provide ongoing website and mobile app maintenance to ensure continued success

Website Maintenance
With regular updates, your website stays current.

We realize that not every business owner or employee knows how to update their website. You might not even know where to start because you’re busy running your business. We get that, and we are here to help! We can perform website software patches and upgrades for software like WordPress and Joomla. We can even clean up and maintain websites that we did not even create.

  • Quick Turnaround – We are available to you via email or phone for taking your website support requests.  We have a swift turnaround time and are available to resolve your website maintenance requests.
  • Proactive – We monitor your website regularly for optimal success. Website systems unique to your website installation will require regular updates or maintenance. If there is a website maintenance emergency such as a security patch or a version update, then this work is completed immediately.
  • Experienced Maintenance Team – We hire technically skilled web developers that are extremely knowledgeable and adept in performing website maintenance updates.
Mobile App Maintenance
Between operating system updates, security breaches and technology constantly changing, it’s imperative that your mobile app stays current.

SolutionBuilt offers mobile app maintenance to ensure your app stays up-to-date and secure. When critical in nature, we perform app maintenance updates immediately.

When your mobile app is ready to go live, we will work with you to make sure the initial public app launch goes off without a hitch. If it’s time to hand off the product to your team, we will offer training and consulting services to assist with this transition. We will provide your team with the necessary tools and skills to help ensure continued success.

Acceptance into the app store is only the first step in your mobile app success plan. Once your Android or iPhone or app is available to the public we will offer long-term app management to sustain your product growth. We continually adjust and enhance your app in response to collected user data, to make sure that your app properly adapts to the fast-paced mobile marketplace while improving app usability. We want to provide you with support to maintain app growth.