Responsive Website Development

A Responsive website allows our web designers to engage users through multi-dimensional presentation layers for desktop and mobile users

Our web developers specialize in creating responsive websites that allow your companies message to be compatible with desktop, handheld, and tablet devices. Responsive development platforms can include WordPress or custom JavaScript programming to bring your products and services to life by creating movement with your content and media. Responsive websites allow our web designers to engage users through multi-dimensional presentation layers for desktop and mobile users.

Mobile websites can also be used for SEO marketing with higher conversion rates. Mobile search users outpace the total desktop searches every day, so making sure your website is mobile responsive is extremely important for search marketing campaigns. An effective and mobile-friendly website can present your products and services in an effective way while enticing the user to take action.

Is My Website Responsive?

If developed correctly, responsive web design will resize based on the browser windows size, keeping the user interface consistent across multiple devices using one codebase. A responsive website can be identified by dragging the corner of the website from full-screen on your computer, to a small screen that would be the same size as a handheld browser. If your website degrades effectively you will see the design shift to accommodate desktop, tablet, and mobile handheld users.

A website by SolutionBuilt will present your company in a creative, dynamic way expressing your message with a lasting impression that can be the deciding factor of whether a client buys your product over your competitors.

Our creative services department can help you with illustration, visual design, and page animations. We even have a studio where we regularly have photo and video shoots to create new media assets for your companies website to make it more unique.

Why are responsive websites important?

  1. SEO — Search engines can now detect if a site has a mobile version, and it indicates that it is Mobile Friendly on handhelds to improve the search and browse experience.
  2. Responsive websites may have a higher programming cost than a traditional website, but they are also more flexible for all desktop, tablet, and handheld devices.
  3. 89% of users are using handhelds to find local services, so if your website is optimized for mobile then you are meeting the user’s needs.