ECommerce Web Development

ECommerce Website Development & Design

If you need eCommerce web development or your eCommerce website redesigned we can help!

SolutionBuilt creates beautiful eCommerce websites that are responsive, effective, and result-driven. We build professionally designed eCommerce websites that present your products in a simplified and practical ordering process to decrease shopping cart abandonment and ultimately increase sales. A responsive eCommerce site should also be considered to increase usability, and allow for an efficient ordering process on desktops, tablets, and handhelds.


eCommerce Solutions & SERVICES

E-Commerce websites are like adding another salesperson with a channel that is available 24/7/365.

Simply Get Paid

Let us set up a simple payment solution for your customers to easily and securely pay invoices, purchase goods, leave deposits, make donations, schedule services and more. We can integrate your site with payment processors like PayPal, Stripe,, SquareUp, Google Checkout and many more.

Sell Products Online

We’ll help you set up your very own Shopify site and web store complete with theme, design, store categories and product upload. As new products arise we’ll manage your store and help with seasonal changes, product placement ads, and technical audits to keep your store at the forefront of your target audience.

Enterprise E-Commerce

Do you have multiple online stores and brands? Do you require in-depth analytics and reporting for your eCommerce web development? Do you need a 100% customizable source for your products? If so, Magento is for you. Our developers can guide you through the entire Magento process, from theme design to product integration.

Shopify Vs. Magento

Not sure what it all means? Let’s compare these two leading eCommerce Platforms, Shopify and Magento.

Offers vibrant mobile-optimized themes, a variety of extensive business Apps and a 24/7 support service.

Gives the user control of their forum, personal design choices, and access to reach your customers.

A Look at the Numbers

Another important detail in figuring out which eCommerce web development platform is right for you are the numbers. Based on what you need as well as what your budget is, either platform has its advantages.

Sites Powered




Apps and Add-Ons




THemes (At BAse Plan)








Monthly Price





Based on what your business needs are and what budget you are working with, either platform has its’ advantages. It is just about choosing which one works best for you!

SEO Support

One of the most important aspects for any business, especially an online shop, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This affects how you rank in search results which impacts how many customers you get to your site.

Easy Content Editing

Make your site relevant for what the customers want. This can include titles and descriptions for merchandise, content for a blog and images on your site.

SEO Issues Scan

Helps you identify problems that negatively impact your SEO results. It also helps identify what parts of your site are helping so that you can grow those more.

Site Speed Checks

Make sure you know how fast your website loads both on the browser and mobile setting. The better your site speed, the higher your SEO ranking will be. This means more visitors to your site.


The Choice is Yours

Both platforms have their benefits. It really depends on your personal comfort with platform usage as well as what results you are looking to achieve for what price point. No matter what, your website and SEO will benefit from either option.