By 2020, 80% of all businesses will be incorporating and providing chatbots to their website.

So what is a chatbot?

Think of a chatbot as your website’s secretary or personal assistant. They are positioned on your website to field, answer and make record of questions from your customers, provide quick and resourceful buying and transaction moves, and to help guide returns and customer support questions for your users. But instead of a human sitting at a computer screen on the other end of the chat, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence agent.

Chatbots have been slowly taking over the “live chat” space for the past few years, but 2018 saw a chatbot influx pointing to their takeover over the next few years.

What are the key benefits of chatbots in 2019?

Chatbots In 2019 | SolutionBuilt

#1- 24/7 Customer Support

64% of Americans say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots. Chatbots, unlike humans, are always available. This means your site can have 24/7 customer service for many if not all of your customer’s needs even when you or your staff are not physically in the office/store/warehouse. A Chatbot’s perpetual availability makes them an invaluable part of your business’ staff.

#2- Easily Accepted and Used By All Age Groups

Chatbots are accepted and used across generations. Both Millennials and Baby Boomers are equally engaged in using chatbots for automated tasks while on their online and buying journey. Unlike some newer technologies that scare off older age group demographics, Chatbots sunk right in from users ranging from their teens to their seventies.

#3 Reliable & Efficient Customer Service

Impeccable Customer Service is a watermark of any profitable and striving online business. Users value a company’s ability and effectiveness to handle and solve their issues and problems in a quick and satisfactory way. Chatbots bring this high level of service since they are programmed to serve the user. There is no human error here. Just productive steps that lead to a happy customer.

#4 Save Your Company Money

Chatbots save money on many different levels. Chatbots can handle multiple customers at one time, unlike a human customer service rep. Using chatbots to automate your online tasks for users cuts back on hiring salaries, health-care benefits, workers comp and so much more. Implementation and proper execution of chatbots automations can cut your overhead cost while generating more leads and better reviews from users.

#5 Easily Integrated

Users have become set in their (2019 mobile) ways and are looking for you, the business owner, to do the work for them. 65% of smartphone users do not add any new mobile applications in a month’s time. This means users are content with their mobile setup and are not as inclined as they used to be to add a new application for a useful or automated solution. Integration of your own chatbot with highly used platforms that your target audience are visiting is a must for 2019.

Chatbots importance in 2019 and beyond cannot be denied. Chatbots track each and every single engagement they have, leaving you a record of incredibly useful analytics to learn more about your current customers and help engages with the customers you are missing out on.

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