10 iPad App Development Tips To Help Yours Rise Above

IPad App Developers know that trying to create a popular app can be a tricky business. As the iPad becomes more and more popular among users, the app store is becoming a more crowded place, and it can be difficult for many apps to rise above the din. Despite the huge number of mobile applications already out there, the app development space is still relatively young. When it comes to iPad application development, the question of whether to make a game versus a functional app weighs heavily in the minds of many developers. There are many reasons that support either decision, but when done correctly both can yield very successful results.

When trying to develop a great app, put yourself in the mindset of the customer. Here are some helpful tips that are relevant no matter what type of app you are developing:


Brainstorm ideas and think of something new or perhaps an enhancement to existing applications. Will your app be a functional app that fulfills a need or a game app.

Demonstrate Value

Work on your value Proposition. What is it that makes your app different and why should people be interested? A good value proposition should clearly and concisely demonstrate the features and benefits of your iPad app.

Define your Target Audience

Figure out who has a need for your iPad app and who is most likely to buy it. How and when will they use your iPad app? What features are most appealing? Think about age, location, gender, income level, education level, marital or family status, occupation, and ethnicity.


New apps flood the market every day. Focus on developing a unique app or enhancing existing ideas that fulfill a particular need.

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Polished Design

An appealing look with specific features that answer a realistic need will help make your app stand out from the competition.


Keep your app, especially the first version, simple. Few moving parts — just the stuff the user really needs to do the job. You can provide updates in increments.


Consider the most important aspects of your app and how usability fits into the experience. In what context does your app benefit the user more than it would on a laptop or PC.


Customers love freebies. Updates are an excellent opportunity to re-engage with your customer. By keeping things simple at the beginning, you save yourself room to offer frequent and incremental updates.

Pricing your app can be a touchy task. Remember that Apple takes 30%. Think about your development cost, the value the app provides, how your competition is priced, how big your market is, and whether or not you are planning frequent updates.

Build a Companion Website. A well designed website will help with your marketing efforts. Include an email or contact address for support along with your iTunes download link to the app store.

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Defining and documenting your plans and getting the right support is a huge part of iPad app development, irrespective of size. You should ensure that the iPad app developer you choose is able to support your commercial and technical requirements in both the short and long term. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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