iPhone 2.0 Upgrade / Mail / Home Automation

I have been following the new release of iPhones 2.0 software update. I am glad that I waited after hearing nightmare stories from friends and them not being able to use their phone due to all of the recent sales of iPhone 3g. The best update that I have seen so far is the update to the mail app. On the 2g iPhone, you had to delete one email at a time. This was really laborious, especially when you get hundreds of messages a day. Also, the old mail app would open the message when deleting. This was a big security flaw as spammers were able to pickup my email address when deleting mail. Even tho I have spam measures in place, I still like to know what is coming in so I can decide if its spam or not. I prefer my spam in a can!

Now with the 2.0 software you can select all messages and do a purge. This is awesome!!

My next test is to see if they have updated quicktime (Apple product) to work on the iPhone mail interface. This will allow users that have voicemail forwarded to their email to listen to voice messages directly from the email message. I will let you know how it goes!

After that, I want to try our Microsoft exchange on iPhone, rather than having to synch my calendar through iTunes.

Now if I can only get my phone to walk my dog. Wait no more, well actually its cool app and x10 technology does almost everything other than walking the dog. With some additional x10 hardware you can change your home’s temperatures, adjust the lights or security settings, or view any supported security camera.

It can inform you of events such as the alarm system being disarmed or activated, a car entering the garage/driveway, or even if the wine cellar door or pool gate has been opened. You can also store music, movies, and photos. Check it out!

Stay tuned for more!

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