Page Content Frequency:

Depending on your goals of your website the needs of updating can vary.  If you plan to use your site as a lead generation tool than your website should be updated regularly to be inline with your search engine optimization needs.  If your site is more  a followup to traditional marketing then you can probably get away with less frequent updates.

Website Redesign Frequency:

A good rule of thumb is to update your website design every 18-24 months and to update content as often as you would like people to return according to Juniper Research.

The point of a redesign in many cases is to engage your customers with a fresh look to modernize in keeping with design standards, to offer a differentiation and a competitive edge over competitors, and to highlight new products and services.

With a competitive analysis the findings should identify what your competitors are doing well, and there shortcomings.  This research should strengthen your brand among your industry leaders so that when your products or services are searched on the web your website is engaging and meeting the needs of the target audience.

Having your visitors say “Wow that is a really cool site!”, doesn’t serve any purpose if they aren’t given the tools they need to perform an action…

Here is a checklist to perform when evaluating your new web design vendor:

1.  References, are you able to pick from there example work or are they using the same glowing testimonials over and over again?
2.  Will the website be developed to be “findable” on the internet, so the website is search engine friendly?
3.  Does the designer have experience in my industry?
4.  Will you have input in the design process or are you viewing the site upon completion?
5.  Does the designer offer support services during your hours of operation?
6.  Will you have the ability to update content yourself?
7.  Will the new website be tested for browser compatibility?
8.  What is the warranty period after the site is published?
9.  Does the designer offer ongoing search engine marketing services?