There is a new feature from Google for app developers that allows them to get the content on the mobile app indexed by the search engine. Users will then have the option to view the content by opening the app. This will allow users to alternate between mobile websites and apps in a more seamless way.

So if a user searches for something on an Android device, and the content is contained within an app that user has installed, he or she will be able to view the content using their app instead of just on a mobile website. If a webpage has the content in both places–the app and the website–the app results will appear within the search listing as deep links. The Googlebot will index the content contained within an app though Webmaster Tools or through a sitemap file.

This form of indexing is only available to a specific group of developers for the time being, but Google will begin to branch out to all developers. While this feature is only available for Android apps, search engine optimization experts and mobile app developers have begun speculating about whether or not this feature will eventually be extended to Windows apps and iPhone apps.

This will certainly present a new opportunity for the search engine optimization (SEO) of mobile websites and mobile apps. Having higher ranked app content will be a great way to attract more visitors, which can then be converted into customers. There are many ways that apps can be monetized, and this will absolutely have an effect on the money that users are spending via mobile websites and apps.

The field of search engine optimization continues to become intertwined with apps and mobile websites, and businesses can benefit from having app developers who understand SEO and vice versa. This is one of the reasons the overall digital marketing agency who can provide mobile app development services, web design services, and SEO/internet marketing services is becoming more and more popular.