What is Responsive Web Design?

In today’s world, people are no longer simply accessing the internet on computers. They are also using tablets and smart phones to surf the web. Therefore, Responsive Web Design (RWD) has never been more useful. RWD makes it possible for websites to adjust according to the device that is being used to access the page. It uses scripts to detect what kind of device a person is using to view a website. Then, the website will adapt based on the screen size, etc. Images and text can be reduced if needed, menus can be adjusted, and other changes can be made depending on the screen size. This ensures that the user gets the optimal viewing experience no matter what device they are using. There are several reasons why RWD is growing in popularity:

Websites That Use RWD Are More Visually Appealing

Have you ever looked at a website on your phone that clearly isn’t designed to be seen on a phone? This can be frustrating, and in this day in age, it just looks unprofessional. The great thing about websites that use Responsive Web Design is that no matter where the user is viewing the site, it’s going to look clean, neat, and professional. It can alter its visibility to the small smart phone screen, the medium tablet screen, or even the large desktop screen. It’s also easy to manage and maintain a website that uses RWD.

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Google and Other Search Engines Prefer RWD

Google loves websites that use RWD because it helps them to reduce redundancy and eliminate information that is unnecessary. They also recognize that websites that use RWD are more inclusive and trustworthy. The key to getting on Google’s good side is to create a valuable site that it can trust. Furthermore, Google is now placing a lot of value on sites that use responsive web design. Using RWD will help you to increase your overall traffic, particularly from tablets and mobile devices. This is happens because all website traffic is directed to the same place, no matter what device is being used. So not only can Responsive Web Design give your website’s viewers a better experience, but it can increase your website’s position on search engine results pages as well.

Responsive Web Design is Essential For the Future

Websites that use RWD don’t have the need for a separate mobile website. You can update all versions of your website at once, which is extremely helpful. Responsive Web Design is the direction that web development is going, especially as devices like smart phones and tablets grow in popularity. RWD is the way of the future, so don’t get left behind!

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