App Builder vs Custom App Development

Since the popularity of mobile apps has taken over the smartphone and tablet world, organizations have new options for how to develop their own apps and get them into the market. Templated app builders are everywhere now, and getting a simple, published mobile app is easier than ever. But is it the right choice? At SolutionBuilt, our mobile app design and development team creates and contracts mobile applications from start to finish. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of App Builders vs Custom App Development.

What Is Custom App Development?

Custom app development is the process of producing a mobile application from its conception, its publication in the app stores, and its ongoing maintenance and updates over time. We start with a requirements stage and solution design phase. This helps determine what will be needed for every step of your business’ mobile app. We build the app with custom code for either iOS, Android, or Hybrid applications that work across all platforms. This process takes time, planning, consideration, expert development, and ongoing maintenance, but the final product will be a stand-alone mobile app that operates for your users and helps drive your business to new levels.

What Is A Templated App Builder?

App builders use pre-stored code, design, usability, and data to operate. Your branding and limited functionality are implemented in the already-created app builder to be used for your business. However, the limitations to a using a templated app builder far surpass its benefits.

Pros & Cons of Templated App Builders


  • Fairly Inexpensive
  • Plug and Play Setup
  • Short time to market
  • Simple Usability


  • Limited Function & Features
  • Template not customizable
  • Restricts the use of third-party services
  • Unwanted Ads
  • Localization Issues

Pros To A Custom App Development Team

#1 Recognizable and non-template design for your custom app

Your custom app will be original, exciting, fresh, and solely your own, helping it stand out in the marketplace and amongst users.

#2 Custom development can start at any stage of the project

With custom app development, you can redesign, modify, refresh, or completely start your app from scratch at any phase of its existence.

#3 Can start small and grow over time

When you work with a custom app development team, your application can be built in phases. This allows the developers to implement the important requirements first, with the ability to add more functions as time and money allows.

#4 Reliable support and maintenance

Our custom app development team does not stop after we finish building the app. We provide monthly upkeep, maintenance, security, and OS software changes.

#5 Consultations & given advice on ways to grow

Our app development team is also here to advise on future functions, new requirements, and the right time to publish new changes and features.

#6 Full customization to make your app unique

We code your app with respect to your organization’s own specific needs and usability cases. Therefore, its propitiatory functions and features will be unique to your business.

#7 Higher security and data protection

With our secure servers and monthly security maintenance, you can rest assured that your app stays protected from hackers and spam threats.

#8 ASO (App Store Optimization)

Both the Google Play store and the Apple App store require certain documentation, optimization, and publishing requirements to sell your app to users. Our app team manages all of that for you

#9 Transfer of all rights to code and content

With a custom app build, the code and the project are your property and can be transferred to you or another developer at any time. Templated app builders are just leasing you their code and creation.

Trust SolutionBuilt As Your Trusted App Developer

When it comes to choosing between a DIY app builder or a custom app development team, the ultimate question is what is your end goal?. If you are looking for something simple and templated that doesn’t require a lot of thought but is modest in scope, then an app builder is the choice for you. However, be ready to pay a monthly or yearly fee for limited integration. If your business requires complex functionality or requires third-party services then you’ll need to go with a custom app developer. A custom app development team like SolutionBuilt is there to help you with your ideas, create a quality product and achieve great results. Contact us online to get started or call 404-835-7730 today!

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