Best Practices For Working With Your App Developer


When it comes to working with a mobile app developer, valuing and trusting your app developer is very important. 

When you first contact app developers for a time and cost estimate, many people are hesitant to give away their ideas. At SolutionBuilt, we take the time to truly understand your needs for now and in the future. We start all of our app projects with a Solution Design phase. This is a discreet piece governed by our Master Consulting Agreement (MCA) to which covers your NDA and IP needs.  

We have spoken with countless companies that want to move their app project to SolutionBuilt because their old developer didn’t meet the client’s expectations. Without having Solution Design as part of your app process, it can jeopardize the overall outcome of your app in a few ways:

  1. App Developers may not understand your business and requirements and under scope the project timeline and cost.
  2. App developers may select their programming language of choice and not the best fit for your app build, maintenance budget, or long-term needs.
  3. Clients can end up not having enough time and cost budgeted for their app to be published and maintained.

Trust is important in all aspects of life, and without it, nothing can be accomplished. When you hire a trusted development company like SolutionBuilt, you get the value of an development team with over 10 years of enterprise app development experience. With over 17 years in the software development space, SolutionBuilt takes pride in working with customers to bring you what you need. We give our clients the trust needed to build exactly the product they want, even if it’s a phased approach. Here are a few deliverables as part of Solution Design:


Project Kickoff: During this phase, we kickoff Solution Design with a whiteboard session.

Requirements Documentation: The requirements documentation will outline the scope of the project and each module and/or feature for the app. Our team translates your app ideas into solutions for your web application, database, web services, and iOS and/or Android app. We deliver app maps, use-cases, process flows, and requirements documents.

App Design: We then design each page per the requirements documentation of your app to ensure it meets your, and more importantly the user’s, needs for each use-case.

App Prototypes: We can create an optional app prototype to run on your mobile device. Prototypes are very helpful for your investors and stakeholders. They can also be used in focus groups to test your app idea before we finalize the its design and functionality.

App Project Plan:  Once the Solution Design phase is complete, we create a project plan with hybrid and native app frameworks. This includes a fixed cost guarantee. You can share this to get comparable quotes and/or approve the project plan before going into the following phases.

Solution Design Services: ~$3,000 – $20,000

Common App Cost (Hybrid/Native Apps for iOS/Android): ~$15,000 – $30,000

In the end, you can take these deliverables and present them to investors, stakeholders or even perform focus group testing. These assets can also be used in order to get a more comparable quote based on the needs uncovered in the Solution Design process.


Why is it important to have open communication with your development team?

Without communication and openness your app can fail. Over a decade ago, we were selected as an app development company after a client developed their first app version on Blackberry. We were hired to extend the app to iOS and Android devices ,and overtime became trusted as an extension of the company as their web and mobile team. The company was sold, and the new owners wanted to phase out the old technology. We were there for them to help with maintenance, but really didn’t have the camaraderie or regular meetings for updates and improvements that we once had. This can really put a damper on a business and also your app users for a few reasons:

  1. No improvements or product innovation for the apps, leads to lower user satisfaction.
  2. Cost and offshore options are often chosen, however the quality of the work and timelines often suffer in our experience.
  3. Internal development teams was not in sync with our team. Changes being made on the web services and server level can affect features users rely on.

This all becomes problematic because while developing or maintaining a mobile app, digital trends and updates can change in an instance. With the ever-changing market and industry, your development team should stay up to date on backend updates and changes.


Your users expect a certain level of sophistication for the app to feel current. With that being said, you (the client) should also stay up to date with your app development team about changes made to your own business or services. If you decide to update a product or service, it’s very important that you communicate that to your app development team.

These updates can make a big difference when it comes to the success of a mobile app, end-user satisfaction and the happiness of your development teams. It could even save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If your business plan or needs change, it’s best to let your development team know ASAP. Believe us, you will not look like a hero trying to “pick and shift” your code into a new app. SolutionBuilt understands that edits will be made. It’s always best to go through a process of design, building in development environments and then pushing the updates live after they have been tested and documented.

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Once your mobile app has been developed, there is a strategic process to ensure that it runs properly. A mobile app developer, like SolutionBuilt, will QA test your application across all platforms and devices. This is crucial for a fully operational application that works at its top performance. Without QA testing, many developers might not catch broken services, making your app look unprofessional or not work properly.

Along with QA testing comes routine maintenance. As mentioned before, maintaining your application is very important. As new devices and OS’s are released, it’s important that your app developer stays up to date. These updates can improve your overall application and make them run faster or improve functionality. At SolutionBuilt, our team of trained app developers will always work with you to keep your mobile app up-to-date. To learn more about our process and strategy be sure to contact us today.


SolutionBuilt is an Atlanta Mobile App Development company that specializes in iOS and Android app development. We provide full, end-to-end mobile application design, development, and maintenance services. At SolutionBuilt, we take ownership of your apps as are an extension of your company. This is by providing staff augmentation to support the design, development, and maintenance needs of your web and mobile projects. Our app design and development team has worked together for over 25 combined years of successfully delivering over 50 mobile app projects. We follow best practices and design trends to deliver perfection to our client’s mobile apps. Give us a call today at 404-835-7730.

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