Mobile App Readiness is important. Apple is giving mobile app developers a couple of tips for the new iOS 7 update.

iOS 7: What’s New?

On Monday, June 10, 2013 Apple made the mostly-expected announcement of iOS 7 among other things.

‘iOS 7 is the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone,’ says Apple software engineering SVP. If your company hasn’t started thinking about compatibility for the Fall release of iOS7, now is the time to get prepared. SolutionBuilt already has developer access to iOS7 beta software and SDK…which means we’re ready to get started! Apple is giving mobile app developers a couple of tips for building “crisp, beautiful UI and fluid motion” for iOS 7 so that third-party apps match Apple’s own style.

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This means mobile apps should, whenever possible, take advantage of the whole screen, and developers should reconsider the use of insets and visual frames and instead let the content “extend to the edges of the screen.” They should also “reconsider visual indicators of physicality and realism” and avoid bezels, gradients and drop shadows, because that “sometimes lead to heavier UI elements that can overpower the content.” The UI, Apple says, should just “play a supporting role.” This also means apps should “provide clarity” (that is plenty of white space) and use color to simplify their UI.

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User Interface

Elevate the content of your apps and make your user interface come alive on iOS 7. Adopt the new design to simplify and revitalize your app with clarity, translucency, and depth. UIKit allows you to incorporate realistic motion and transitions with new APIs that enable your user interface to respond to every touch and swipe by following the behaviors and physical constraints you define. Take advantage of powerful new text layout tools and dynamic type that respect the design principles of iOS 7.


Share photos, documents, URLs and other types of data with multiple devices nearby by adding AirDrop support to your app. By simply adding the Activity sheet, all the details of sharing your content peer-to-peer is handled for you—no network or setup required. And with Wi-Fi peer-to-peer technology you can use the same underlying technology to directly connect with multiple devices nearby, and let your users easily share information with each other.


Keep the content of your app up-to-date by adopting the new multitasking APIs in iOS 7. The new services allow your app to update information and download content in the background without draining the battery unnecessarily. The updates can happen at opportunistic times and are intelligently scheduled according to usage, so your app can update content in the background just when your users need it.


Create new immersive experiences using the latest game technologies in iOS 7. Develop high-performance 2D games with the powerful new Sprite Kit framework, which combines everything you need to animate sprites, simulate physics and create beautiful particle systems all in one easy-to-use set of APIs. Hand the controls over to your users by adding support for upcoming MFi game controllers to your game. And the re-designed Game Center adds more modes for turn-based games and more leaderboards, as well as allowing you to authenticate players, and securely transmit game scores and achievements.

Camera, Photos, and Video

Let your users capture and compose photos and videos just the way they want. Capture video at 60fps, so you can replay dramatic scenes in slow motion. Get a closer look by directly controlling the zoom level of the camera. Create video effects and transitions by combining multiple video tracks using the custom video compositing APIs. Scan and recognize barcodes with the camera.

Inter-App Audio

Now your apps can make beautiful music together. With Inter-App Audio, apps can register their audio streams to share with other apps. For example, a series of apps could publish audio streams of instrument tracks while another uses the combination of these streams to compose a song. Inter-App Audio also provides for MIDI control of audio rendering, remotely launching other registered Inter-App Audio apps and more.

Map Kit

Take your apps in new directions with the new features of Map Kit. iOS 7 introduces directions APIs, enabling you to guide users to their destinations from within your app. Allow your users to rotate and move around the map in 3D using updated views and controls. And you have even more control of overlays, making it possible to place them at different layers or replace portions of the map altogether.

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