What’s Needed to Get an Accurate Mobile App & Website Estimate?

Lets face it, there’s a mobile app gold rush going on…

But, there are a lot of people out there who call themselves mobile app developers trying to cash in on their share of the mobile boom. In less than 1 year SolutionBuilt went through 12 developers to find 3 that met our stringent standards. To say the least, randomly picking any horse to win the race can be very risky. A lot of developers don’t have the background in completing successful projects, a team of experts to help them get the job done, the bankroll to fund the project, or an extensive resume working with major brands, like we have.

What can you do to insure that your project gets completed, on time and on budget without being presented with timeline challenges and change orders down the road?

  1. Functional Requirements Documentation
    • State major requirements and goals of the mobile app
    • Background info on proposed users and purpose
    • Explain any integrations with other systems if applicable
  2. Design Requirements
    • These should address the “look and feel” of the interface
    • If applicable, provide examples of admin and global display
  3. Wireframes or Visual design:

Don’t have any of these materials yet?  No problem, we can help you with our solution architecture and design services.

What phase are you in with your project?

“A professional created requirements to detail my projects needs so I just need to a developer to bring it to life, right?”

  • Less than 10% fall in this bucket.  If you do fall in this category, then submit your project for an estimate, or call us at 404-835-7730

“I have an idea for a mobile app/website and I just need general pricing.”

  • If this is all you need, please refer to our FAQ’s to see where pricing normally starts for a custom app or website. (Raise your hand if you haven’t had an earth shattering mobile app or website idea)…. More than 50% fall in this bucket.

“I’m serious and ready to hire for a consultation on my mobile app or website to see what’s feasible, and what would be the best solution.”

  • About 80% of people need this service. We are always happy to meet to talk shop. We very much prefer that you have as much documention and ‘homework’ done before this initial meeting. Let’s save each other some time by bringing as much documented information as possible to this meeting!

“I have a RFP and want to get a competitive bid.”

  • Caution; use this at your own risk.  RFP / RIP!   🙂
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