Revamping Your Website: Tips For Enhancing User Experience & Conversions

The Importance of Revamping Your Website

In the wake of the pandemic, the amount of time that the world spends online continues to surge. Therefore, even if your in-person customer experience is top-notch, your organization’s website performance could be mitigating your success. Your website is the face of the company, so it is imperative that it is audited and updated constantly to ensure maximum functionality. Revamping your website can lead to increases in engagement, more conversions, and a better overall consumer opinion.

How Do I Know If My Website Needs Revamping?

  • Does my website look up-to-date?
  • How are my conversions?
  • Have others made negative remarks about my websites?
  • Is my website experiencing frequent performance issues?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then it is time for a redesign. 

User Experience

When preparing for a website redesign, it is important to put user experience (UX) at the forefront. defines user experience as “having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.” In order for the user to have a worthwhile experience on your site, it needs to be helpful, accessible, and easy to navigate. Therefore, it is imperative that you employ a website development agency that specializes in user experience (UX). This ensures that your website is as user-friendly as possible. 

Performance Metrics

If users find your site difficult to navigate, don’t enjoy using your site, or it loads slowly, etc., they will bounce to a competitor’s site. These issues are some of the biggest contributors to lost conversions and poor consumer opinion of your company. Investing in your website can seem like a never-ending consumer of time and money. However, prioritizing these performance metrics can ensure the success of your website, and therefore your business:

Revamping Your Website’s Format:

  • Page Speed: An important factor when considering a website redesign is page speed. According to Bloggingwizard, 82% of customers said that slow page speed impacts their purchasing decisions. 
  • Navigation: Your users should be able to use your site logically and not have to put much thought into how to navigate your site. 
  • Mobile Optimization: According to Exploding Topics, over 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is imperative that your site is mobile-friendly. Mobile sites have different requirements than desktop sites, so it is no longer enough to simply adjust the scale of your desktop website for its mobile counterpart. 
  • Site Evaluation: Factors like bounce rate, time spent on the site, focus keywords or page indexing issues are clues to how functional your site is. Working with a company that specializes in SEO can make the difference between your company being on the first page of a Google search versus the fourth or fifth, where most people don’t have the patience to venture to.  

Revamping Your Website’s Copy:

  • Information Overload: Make sure you are not presenting your users with too much information. It is a simple fact that the more choices that you give someone, the longer they will take to come to a decision. Applying this principle to websites means that an excessive amount of text, images, or buttons may overwhelm your users. 
  • Call to action: make sure that you have a call to action present as soon as you open your website. This call to action needs to be the most accessible component on your website. Users should encounter multiple opportunities to respond to this call to action while they navigate through your site. 

Trust SolutionBuilt

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Whether you’re looking to start building a website from scratch or redesign your existing website, SolutionBuilt is here to help. We have been in the business of web design and development since 2004, and have over 500 completed projects under our belt. We service small businesses to larger enterprise corporations and everything in between. Our mission is to create mobile and web solutions with transparency and efficiency. We offer a wide range of services from marketing to app development and everything in between. Contact us online or call us today at (404) 835-7730.

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