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Putting your phone on silent isn’t always the best way to go. Sometimes, you need to answer calls from important people, even if you’re otherwise unavailable. Finally, you can take a break from obsessively checking your phone! You decide who can reach you and when. Say goodbye to unwanted calls!

“Only The Most Important Calls Get Through”

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Private Line

How It Works

The Private Line mobile app for Android does exactly what its name implies. When your phone is in Private Line mode, only the numbers in your “Hotlist” will be able to call and text you. It offers them a direct Private Line to you, even when you’re in an important meeting, on vacation or otherwise unavailable to the rest of the world.

Anyone not in your Hotlist is sent straight to Voicemail or to your inbox. You can send an automatic text to your Hotlist when you’re entering Private Line mode, so they know not to bother you unless it’s important. It’s a great idea and is perfect for doctors, professionals, or just about anyone who sometimes needs privacy and freedom from unwanted phone calls. It’s especially useful for moms and dads, keeping them accessible to their kids or babysitter while providing freedom from the world. Think of it as “Call-Allowing;” the offspring of your cellular services’ popular feature, “Call-Blocking.”

Key Features

  • Customizable Hotlist so only callers you designate can reach you via call or text
  • You can set alerts as any combination of ringer, vibration and flashing screen
  • Single tap reply to missed calls and text messages
  • Send people customizable text message letting them know you’re entering Private Line mode
  • All calls and texts are automatically logged in your device’s native log center
  • Auto-Off function automatically exits Private Line mode after a length of time that you designate
  • Ensure important features are easily accessed through convenient navigational tabs
  • Be accessible to important people while maintaining freedom from the rest of the world

Device Requirements

  • Android 2.6 or greater
  • Available in the Android Market.
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