Is the glass half-full or half empty? Is your mobile app nearly complete or is it almost finished? Aren’t these 2 ways of describing the same thing? Perspective in life can mean a lot, but when it comes to mobile app development, there are no such things as optimists or pessimists. Your app isn’t finished until it’s on your device and working the way it’s supposed to.

Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?
Hmmm…Nearly Complete or Almost Finished?

We’ve seen a lot of companies claiming to be “expert” mobile app developers but can’t finish the job. Some blog about the technical process of developing and boast about their skills. Others advertise the number of apps they’ve published but are offshore somewhere and don’t even have a phone number to call them on. As it turns out, human interaction is more important than ever in the digital age and these kinds of companies are keeping us busy at SolutionBuilt.

What happens if the unthinkable occurs? You find a developer and pay some or all of the costs for your mobile app up front. Shortly after beginning your project the developer disappears, goes out of business, or just doesn’t have the know-how to complete your project? If you’re lucky, you might at least have some incomplete code for your unfinished app. If you’re unlucky, you have nothing but a law-suit to look forward to in your future. It’s a scary scenario to consider, but through the years we have been shocked to see how many app developers claim to be the best, but can’t finish a project. We recently hooked up with Private line to pull together their semi-complete app project, on a tight time-line during the week before Christmas.

The Private Line mobile app for Android 2.6 and greater does exactly what its name implies. When your phone is in Private Line mode, only the numbers in your “Hotlist” will be able to call and text you. It offers them a direct Private Line to you, even when you’re in an important meeting, on vacation or otherwise unavailable to the rest of the world. Anyone not in your Hotlist is sent straight to Voicemail or to your inbox. You can send an automatic text to your Hotlist when you’re entering Private Line mode, so they know not to bother you unless it’s important. It’s a great idea and is perfect for doctors, professionals, or just about anyone who sometimes needs privacy and freedom from unwanted phone calls. It’s especially useful for moms and dads, keeping them accessible to their kids or babysitter while providing freedom from the world. Think of it as “Call-Allowing;” the offspring of your cellular services’ popular feature, “Call-Blocking.”

Private Line’s owners were referred to an app development company in another state, who they retained to develop and launch the app in the Android Market. Shortly after starting the project, communication with the developer ended and Private Line’s owners were left with almost nothing. Luckily, the previous developer mailed Private Line a DVD with the incomplete code and file structure. Desperate for help, Private Line performed a simple Google search for app developers and reached out to SolutionBuilt in Atlanta, GA. After a quick meeting and about a week later — just in time for their 2012 release, Private Line’s development was completed, tested and published to the Android Market.

“We love to do the tough stuff, which is why we’re proud to be the go-to-guys for so many,” says SolutionBuilt owner, Matt Rogers. “We’re happy to be developing, whether it’s from start to finish, or if we’re picking up where another developer left off. We just want to focus on delivering powerful mobile apps that leverage the latest in digital technology with passion and creativity.”