Web Development Trends For 2020 And Beyond

We are well into 2020 and it is more obvious than ever that how businesses interact with customers is continuing to develop.  At SolutionBuilt we stay on top of current and new web development trends to make sure we offer your business the most advanced services available.

Some trends will be more useful or benefit your personal business more than others.  SolutionBuilt takes on the responsibility of figuring out what trends are best for your company in this ever-changing business world.

#1 – Data Visualization

The key to any successful business is ensuring your information is presented in a way that helps draw in potential customers.  Statistics or other data can be boring or difficult for visitors to understand.  SolutionBuilt employs our array of Data Visualization Tools to ensure that your website is not only informative but eye-catching and easy to comprehend.

#2 – AI & Contextual Technology

AI used to be something found only in SciFi movies.  However, with the constant growth of technological advancements, businesses need to look at how they represent themselves online.  Whether it is Chatbots or Social Graphing, it is important to know what a customer wants from the moment they first look at your website.  Let SolutionBuilt set up the tools to help you help your customers!

#3 – Microinteractions (UI)

How fun is it to ‘react’ to a friend’s post on Facebook?  It is convenient to be able to see how far away your food delivery is with a real-time GPS.  These are considered Microinteractions and they are quickly shaping what online users expect from a company  SolutionBuilt can help you figure out what Microinteractions will best help your business grow.

#4 – Mobile-First Development

SolutionBuilt offers leading solutions in web development and mobile app development.  However, the way customers are interacting with these avenues is shifting.  Desktop traffic used to be the driving force in business and sales.  Now, in 2020, over 50% of this activity is from mobile devices.  Let SolutionBuilt launch your business to the front of the mobile consumer market!

#5 – Personalization

SolutionBuilt values personality in our business model.  Personalization is key whether it is in design, navigation, or something else entirely.  We will make sure your business represents YOU and stands out from the rest.  Each customer that visits your site will also have a unique experience guided by their individual needs.

Professional Web Development In Atlanta, GA

At SolutionBuilt your business is our business.  We put our customers first and make sure that everything we do is to help your company excel.  Since 2004, SolutionBuilt has been Atlanta’s website development company. Our web developers have helped companies publish hundreds of successful websites and web applications. With an understanding that there’s only one chance to make a lasting impression with your website visitors, our web development team has a focus on making your website pixel perfect and available on computers, mobile, and tablet devices. Contact us online or give us a call today at 678-809-2953.

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