Mobile Application Trends And Your Business

Anybody with a smartphone knows about Mobile Apps.  Whatever apps you use, there is a reason that you have them and a benefit that they provide you.  Do you know about the current mobile app trends for 2020 and how they can provide help to your business?

2020 will continue the growing developments of the Mobile App world.  There are constantly new ways to reach customers and enhanced upgrades to improve that customer experience.  SolutionBuilt not only understands these ever-growing advancements but knows how to apply them in the best way to benefit you and your business.

See which ones your business already incorporates and which ones you are missing out on.

#1 – Wearable Devices

Everything is catering to our On-The-Go lifestyle.  Wearable devices such as smartwatches help customers stay connected without having to stop the rush of their busy day to pull out a phone or sit down at a computer.  With how important wearable devices are becoming to people, is your business ready with an app to meet customers on this platform?

SolutionBuilt has helped our customers upgrade their Mobile App approach and they have seen increased reach as a result.  We understand the importance of mobile-first marketing and will help to develop your current app or create an app for you that takes your business to the front of the visibility rankings.

#2 – Augmented & Virtual Reality

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably seen Augmented or Virtual Reality technology incorporated into a Mobile App before.  The popular game Pokemon Go incorporated this to help players ‘see’ a character on the sidewalk in front of them through the camera feature of their phone.  Whether it is to play a game or to virtually try on a product or style, customers are embracing the Augmented and Virtual Reality.

If you embrace this trend with your business you can reach more customers and see the results.  Let SolutionBuilt show you the different ways to incorporate Augmented and Virtual Reality into your business’ Mobile App.

#3 – Mobile Wallets

With our on-the-go lifestyles, the way we pay for goods and services has also changed to match.  More companies are incorporating online payments which include contactless payments and transactions through their Mobile Apps.

The most important aspect of this mobile app trend for payment is security.  So much customer information and information from your business is exchanged during mobile transactions. It is important to make sure you incorporate this feature in a way that protects you and your customers.  Let SolutionBuilt help.

#4 – Cloud Integrated Mobile Apps

“It’s on the Cloud.”  We have heard this phrase, but what does it mean?  People store their documents, music and other personal files on the Cloud, but how can you take advantage of this developing integration technology?

Give customers different options to make sure their experience is a convenient one.  This will lead to future transactions.  Whether it is saving their login information, payment option or any other information.  With SolutionBuilt we can help make sure “It’s on the Cloud.”

#5 – Chatbots

You are probably already familiar with online website Chatbots.  When you visit a website for a business, a dialogue box pops up on the screen with a pre-generated message asking if you need help.  Based on your answer you can get a variety of responses or get connected to a different department.  These Chatbots also offer to take your information or provide company information so that to start the next step of communication.

Chatbots are a convenient and helpful tool that are making their way to the Mobile App industry.  When customers download and open your app, they will be able to interact directly with the Chatbot technology.  Based on current studies, more than 63% of Americans are interested in the added convenience of Chatbots with their Mobile App experience.  However, not as many companies have taken advantage of this technology yet.  Has yours?

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SolutionBuilt is leading the Mobile App Development agency in Atlanta.  Whether you want to improve an existing Mobile App or need one designed, our team of experts is ready to help.  Let us bring our knowledge to your vision and together we will help your business stay on top of the rankings with ever-changing trends.  Contact us online or call us at 678-809-2953 to get started on your mobile app today!

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