eCommerce During Uncertain Times: SolutionBuilt Offers Solutions

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people and their livelihoods, more businesses are seeing an impact on their sales.  While some businesses are shutting their doors, others are using this opportunity to improve or build their businesses on an online platform.  eCommerce is defined as the exchange between consumers and businesses when a product is bought electronically over the internet.

Whether you have a store where you sell items and supplies or a business where you offer services, you can use this shift in consumer activity to start taking advantage of the potential that eCommerce has to offer.  Consumers can purchase what they need online and have it safely shipped to their home.  They can also pay invoices for maintenance, utilities, or appointments.  This not only improves the convenience of business during uncertain economic times, but helps you make sure that you can continue to see growth as well.

eCommerce businesses have already shown a 56.36% increase in daily revenue compared to days before the Coronavirus response.  Let us help your business start to see the benefit of the online market as well.  SolutionBuilt creates beautiful eCommerce websites that are responsive, effective, and result-driven.  Our eCommerce website development team focuses on being mobile, responsive, and SEO-friendly. Therefore, users can easily find your products or services and enjoy their shopping experience.   

Top Four Approaches

#1 – Taking Payment

If you offer services such as repairs, appointments, etc. then your business will not need an online shop presence.  Therefore, we focus on setting up the needed tools to equip your website with online payment methods.  There are many methods that consumers might prefer, but we will find the right one that works with your business needs and customer accessibility.  Likewise, security is always of the most important to SolutionBuilt, so we will ensure that all payments are done in a way that keeps your business’ information safe and your customers’ details protected.

#2 – eCommerce for Smaller Businesses

If you have a smaller shop with easier to manage inventory, we offer the tools to set up an online presence that is easy to navigate.  We take care of everything from a design and maintenance standpoint and display your products in a way that is inviting to the customer and easy to use.  Just like with a physical store, SolutionBuilt realizes the importance of branding and layout. Both of our online store models come with your own domain, maintenance, and marketing as well.

#3 – Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

Smaller stores might be easier to manage, but what if you have a bigger business?  This is not a problem for SolutionBuilt.  We have the experience and expertise to set up an online store for any operation size and profit range.  This includes businesses with multiple brands and locations as well.  We will make sure that your online identity is just as easy to recognize as the smaller shops, and we will make sure you continue marketing to new customers.  Our tools can help with keeping your B2B and B2C stores connected on one overall platform.

#4 – Food & Retail Ordering

Many retailers and restaurants have altered their models to accompany curbside and delivery portals. This allows customers to easily place orders and pick up their goods without having to enter the store. This ensures safety for both the customer and the employees during the pandemic but is also proving to be a faster and more streamlined way to conduct your business. A trend that could easily live on after the crisis has ended. SolutionBuilt’s development team can build your online ordering and delivery system for your existing website or create your very own mobile app for retail and foodservice for your customers.

We Are Ready To Help

The effects of the Coronavirus are not just being felt on an individual level anymore.  They are impacting society on a large scale consumer and business level.  However, this is not the time to close up shop.  This is the time to adapt your shop and give it a new online identity. 

Whether you need maintenance for an existing online store or need one built from scratch, SolutionBuilt can help.  Our solutions are tailor-built to fit your specific needs and make sure your business achieves new growth and profit. Contact us online or call us today at (404) 835-7730 to get started!

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