One of the growing tools that businesses are using to reach more customers is the Mobile App. Mobile App usage, and in turn Mobile App revenue, has been increasing year over year since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. According to recent studies, Mobile Apps are expected to generate a record $189 billion in 2020.  Is your business positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing opportunity?

SolutionBuilt is the leading App developer in Atlanta, GA

We have helped various clients across different business platforms reach more customers than ever by giving them a customized Mobile App.  Each of our Mobile Apps is created with the individual business in mind and this results in a finished product that is a representation of everything you want your business to convey.

The next step after deciding your business would benefit from a Mobile App is probably deciding how to get it developed.  Many companies have positions in their company specifically for Mobile App development and other similar projects.  This can be convenient because it keeps all aspects of operation in house, but is it the best solution for your company overall?

There are multiple factors to consider including cost, quality, time to market, and control over the process, among others.  For many, the single most important factor will be the cost.

Developing a Mobile App requires more than just a developer who knows how to bring your ideas to life in a functional product. A successful Mobile App will also need a Mobile Designer to craft your ideas into an intuitive, easy-to-use experience, a Database Administrator to manage accompanying data in the cloud, as well as a Project Manager to ensure that all of these various positions all stay on track and in communication with each other.  The overall cost for these positions can quickly add up.

Average Salary to Set Up and Run Mobile App Project:

  • Project Manager – $70,000+
  • Mobile app developer – $70k – $100k
  • Database Admin: $60k – $80k
  • Mobile Designer: $60k – $80K

Total Cost for Mobile App Development Salaries = $260k – $330k

On the low end, if we use a 52 week Calendar Year as our timeframe, $260k breaks down to $5000 per week.  $330k breaks down to almost $6500 per week.  This does not take into account any other financial factors such as bonuses, office equipment, test devices, required software, or the eventual App maintenance that will be required after the app has launched. Larger, cross-platform mobile apps typically require multiple app developers working in tandem!

For a fraction of both those weekly estimates, you can hire our SolutionBuilt team!

SolutionBuilt is a mobile app development company with a passion for creating beautiful iOS and Android apps for handheld and tablet devices that are used in healthcare, enterprise, businesses, and startups. Our app team provides consulting, user experience design and mobile app development services.

Likewise, after your Mobile App is complete and earning you more business, we will follow up with the necessary maintenance.  This can help you build new features while staying compatible with the latest mobile devices and OS updates. We test each module and multiple device combinations to help ensure client and user satisfaction.

Mobile App Development Company In Atlanta, GA

At SolutionBuilt, we are passionate about designing and developing successful mobile apps for all size companies, from large scale corporations to startups. Our mobile apps have been developed for the following industries: healthcare, telecommunications, technology, education, hospitality, construction, non-profit, food/drink, home service, travel, and more.

Make sure you get a Mobile App that fits your company’s needs without unnecessarily burning through the company dollars.  Contact us today at 678-809-2953 or contact us online to get started with your mobile app project.